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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Cricket West Indies Born For T20Is

West Indies Cricket Team has a style of playing extremely aggressive cricket. The thing which is popular for them, they hit sixes and fours more than rotating strike between wickets. This is some characteristic that no other team prevails. The team has hitters till the no. 08 or no. 09 positions. There are many allrounders playing in the side, who can contribute to batting and balling as well. West Indies won the world cup in 2012 and recently they repeated their performance by winning the World T20I  in 2016.

The team has been the most successful one in the T20 formats. Some of the world class teams have failed to perform in the T20I likewise Australia and South Africa. Australian Cricket Team tops the ICC ranking both in One-days and tests but they have not won the T20 World Cup as of yet. They were not able to qualify for the semi final stage in the ICC T20 World Cup 2016. This is due to their mature and humble cricket. They rely more on rotating the strikes rather than hitting sixes and that's what make the world champions competitive and different in their approach.

All other teams have to learn this art of hitting sixes and fours, this would rather help them building T20 spirit. Carlos Braithwaite hit four consecutive sixes to Ben Stokes, who is one of the core players and allrounders for the England side. To finish T20 world cup in this style is simply outstanding.

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